WOD 121817

5 Rounds for time:

12 DB THrusters

8 Burpees over Sandbags

6 Sandbag Getups

Post times and Spiritual Training in comments.

“The creator of the heavens obeys a carpenter; the God of eternal glory listens to a poor virgin. Has anyone ever witnessed anything comparable to this? Let the philosopher no longer disdain from listening to the common laborer; the wise, to the simple; the educated, to the illiterate; a child of a prince, to a peasant.”
-St. Anthony of Padua

8 thoughts on “WOD 121817

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office and Father Longenecker’s Saint Benedict for Fathers. Holy hour with Exodus brothers before starting the work day.
    WOD done in 14:46.
    Bed made.

  2. 14:02
    40# sandbag
    25# dumbbells

    HH with Exodus bros, Benny, Gospel, Catena, Office, Fulton Sheen

  3. Laudate daily readings & reflections, regnum christi reflection.

    24:02, 25#db, 40#bag
    Not sure what burpees over sandbag was, so I went with a YouTube called sandbag burpees. Basically a burpee into a sandbag clean on way up & press it overhead. #turtlepower

    • Great job, Colter. Burpees over sandbag meant that instead of jumping at the top of the burpee you jump over a sandbag. So you do a normal burpee and then jump over the sandbag. You can jump sideways or straight ahead. Make sense?

      + Scripture
      + Reflections

      B. WARM-UP
      + General
      + Calf (Kb)
      + Barbell

      C: BACK SQUAT (14 sets x 1 rep)
      * Straight weight across all sets.

      Load: 250# (PR). Did 275# for 1 rep after 14th set. Also a PR. Going for true 1 rep max next week!

  4. Scripture, Office and Holy Hour. 3 rds of: 12 Thrusters 95#, 8 burpee over bag, 6 sb get ups 60#. 13:53. Then finished the other two rounds of thrusters.

  5. Spiritual:
    Daily readings
    Gospel commentary
    Joyful mysteries
    Fr Schmit podcast
    25# DB
    40# sandbag
    Complete (13:54)
    Bed made – late!

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