5 thoughts on “WOD 110817

  1. As Saturday’s are a great opportunity for “Active” rest, I knocked out the boy’s Chipper with them after our morning prayers together. 600m Run at beginning and end (1200 total) with 30 of each HR Pushups, Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Air Squats and Dumbbell Curls in 19:16.

    Bed made.

    Here we go Lord!

  2. Normal spiritual routine (Scripture and reflections. Mass yesterday.)

    A: WARM-UP
    + General 5 MINS: to include rowing
    + Calf (KB)
    + Barbell

    B: Back Squat (5-5-5-5-5)
    * Straight Weight Across All Sets (SWAAS).
    Load: 190#

    C: 75 Wallballs For Time
    20# to 10’
    Time: 3:57

  3. Bed Made…Scripture, Office, Rosary. Tweaked my back (again) yesterday so I got adjusted and did some leg work (squats, squats and more squats).

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