6 thoughts on “WOD 102317

  1. WOD done in 11:58.
    For meditation, Daily Readings, Office and daily reading from St. Benedict for Fathers (this is my daily routine to kick start the day in the Lord, albeit, I will just add this one time).
    Bed made!

  2. 10:51 @53# Gobet Squats and subed row for run due to ankle. Scripture, Life of Christ and Mass. Bed made.

  3. Also hit up 3 rds of 5 air squats and 10 push ups with Lustig. 1:16. Welcome to the brotherhood Jeremy!

  4. 5 air squats/10 push-ups x3 rounds.
    53.40, then mike made me question myself
    Did it again. 56.10

  5. 150 air squats for time (squatted to a to a D-Ball which brought me below parallel): 3:27
    100 abmat sit-ups for time: 3:24 (45 seconds off my best time… nothing left in tank after the air squats!)

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