WOD 081818

5 Rounds for time:

12 Wall Balls

8 DB Thrusters

200m Run

Post times and Spiritual Training to comments.

Let us begin in earnest to work out our salvation, for no one will do it for us, since even He Himself, Who made us without ourselves, will not save us without ourselves. -St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

2 thoughts on “WOD 081818

  1. Day 40 of BUDS Training – EMOM 10 min: 4 Pullups / 4 SB Half Moons (35#)
    Morning Prayer (Magnificat)
    Daily Mass Readings and Reflection Time
    Bed Made

  2. 12:38

    Holy hour
    Am prayers
    My daily bread
    Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love

    Bed made

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