5 thoughts on “WOD 080418

  1. Physical: Have run 2 miles/day for the past few days.
    Spiritual: Visited many historic churches, prayed in each of them. Working on spiritual connection with family.

  2. BUDS training day 26 – Burpee ladder (1 in 1st minute, 2 in 2nd minute, etc.) – 15 rounds
    Angelus – Morning Prayer – Daily Gospel Readings
    Bed Made

  3. Exodus meeting and workout with some of my brothers. Workout was 14 min EMOM: Alternate between 10 cal Echo Bike & 10 Down Ups (burps without jump).

  4. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office, Saint Benedict for Fathers, My Daily Bread and Joyful Mysteries.
    3.27 miles in 33:21 minutes
    Bed made.

  5. 3.48 mi in 35:11 min
    Holy hour
    Joyful mysteries
    A.m. prayers
    Father, into your hands
    Holy spirit, fire of divine love
    Patient meditation

    Bed bed

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