WOD 061818

4 Rounds for time:

15 KB Swings

200m WallBall Run

10 Burpees

Post times and Spiritual Training to comments.

It is not the actual physical exertion that counts towards a one’s progress, nor the nature of the task, but by the spirit of faith with which it is undertaken.
-Saint Francis Xavier

4 thoughts on “WOD 061818

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office, Saint Benedict for Fathers, My Daily Bread and Joyful Mysteries.
    WOD done in 12:49 (20# WB/30# KB)
    Bed made.

  2. 12:44

    Holy hour
    Morning prayers
    Father into your hands
    Patience meditation
    Bed made

  3. Scripture, reflections.
    Back Squat 1 max rep test after 11 weeks of Strong Lifts program. Previous best was 290#:
    135×10, 185×5, 225×3, 255×2, 285×1, 295×1, 305×1, 315×1, 325×1, 330×1. Failed at 335#.

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