WOD 042618

For time:

80 Jump Ropes

70 Sit ups

60 Air Squats

50 Push Ups

40 KB Swings

30 DB Push Press

20 Burpees

10 SB Getups

Post times and Spiritual Training to comments.

Alms are an inheritance and a justice which is due to the poor and which Jesus has levied upon us.
– Saint Francis of Assisi

3 thoughts on “WOD 042618

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office, Saint Benedict for Fathers, Patience Mediations and Luminous Mysteries.
    WOD done in 18:44 (25# DB’s, 30# KB and 40# SB).
    Bed made.

  2. 15:48

    Holy Hour
    Benedict rule for fathers with Fr Longenecker
    Patience meditation
    Program of life
    Humility litany

    Bed made

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