WOD 040518

For time:

400m run then,

30-20-10 of

Sit ups

Sandbag Cleans

then, 400m run

Post times and Spiritual Training to comments.

“Our Lord loves you and loves you tenderly; and if He does not let you feel the sweetness of His love, it is to make you more humble and abject in your own eyes.”
-St. Pio of Pietrelcino

5 thoughts on “WOD 040518

  1. 15:12, 40# sb, Laudate daily readings & reflections, RC meditation, Imitation

  2. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office, Saint Benedict for Fathers, Patience Mediations and Luminous Mysteries.
    WOD done in 11:43
    Bed made.

  3. Gospel
    Fr. L
    Traveling on business had to settle for a run around the golf course
    3:03 in 28:44
    65 degrees no humidity desert in full bloom, love it in AZ
    Bed made

  4. Scripture, Office and Imitation Of Christ

    For time
    2.5 mile run

    Forgot to keep time

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