WOD 032318

AMRAP in 15 min:

10 Sandbag getups

10 Jumping Pullups

200m Run

Post round and spiritual training to comments.

“You must ask God to give you power to fight against the sin of pride which is your greatest enemy – the root of all that is evil, and the failure of all that is good. For God resists the proud.”
-St. Vincent de Paul

5 thoughts on “WOD 032318

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office, Saint Benedict for Fathers and Sorrowful Mysteries.
    Slow and sluggish, but 4 full rounds in 15 minute AMRAP. Did regular pull-ups, as I don’t have the right jump off platform.
    Bed made and off to 9 am Mass then to Hulbert, OK!

  2. A: Spiritual
    + Scripture
    + Reflections
    + Imitation of Christ

    B. Warm-Up
    * General – D.C.
    * Mobility – D.C.
    * Barbell Warm-Up
    * WOD Movement

    C: Death by Deadlifts
    * Rx = 185#, Rx+ = 225#
    Load: 225#
    Score: 12 rounds + 9 reps (87 reps)

  3. Scripture, Office and Imitation of Christ. Mass

    10 push ups, 10 squats…my back is not feeling it. Offered it for Chasity

  4. 4 full rounds, 40# bag, finished last 100m after time. Sub’d 30#db thrusters for pull-ups.
    Daily r&r, RC reflection, presentation media reflection, relistened to Fr. Schmitz’ Root vs Fruit homily.

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