WOD 012517

Death By Jumping Pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes… then:

Death By Jumping Squats.  Be sure to go lower than parallel as shown in the video.

“Death By” workout explanation: With a continuously running clock perform 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, and so on, continuing to add 1 rep each minute until you cannot complete the required number of reps in the given minute.

Score total rounds and reps in the last round completed.

4 thoughts on “WOD 012517

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office and Saint Benedict for Fathers.

    Life by Jumping Pull Ups failed on round 13 (91 total reps)

    Life by Jumping Squats ended on round 20 (210 total reps). Had to cut myself off here, as I did not least this much time for workout on weekday.

    Bed made.

  2. 12 rounds pull-ups plus 11
    16 rounds jumping squats. Really focusing on form and “breaking the plane”, slowed me down but really tough.

    Fr. L
    Bed made

  3. Wod done, not nearly as Rx
    Started on 5 jumping pullups, and 10 squats, and no rest to shorten time
    after 2 rounds I remembered they were jumping squats,
    Stopped the pullups after I was just grabbing the bar and not pulling
    Stopped at 10 pullups
    Stopped at 24 squats

    HH, gospel, Benny, Catena, office of readings
    Bed made

    + Scripture
    + Reflections
    + Mass

    B. WARM-UP
    * General
    * Shoulder
    * DROM
    * WOD Movements

    C.1: Bench Press (7-7-7-7-7)
    * 5×7 – Straight weight across all sets.
    Load: 205#

    C.2: Bent-over One-Arm KB Row (7-7-7-7-7)
    Bent-over One-Arm KB Row from the box.
    * 5×7 each arm, SWAAS.
    * Superset with Bench Press.
    * Should be strict with full ROM, no kipping.
    Load: 53# KB

    D.1: Dumbbell Chest Flies (15-15-15)
    Chest Flies performed with two dumbbells.
    * 3×15, SWAAS, full ROM.
    Load: 20# DBs

    D.2: Banded Pull-Apart (50-50-50)
    Pull-aparts (seated or standing) using bands. Should be perforned at high volume of reps. Always record color/type of band used.
    * 3×50, SWAAS, full ROM, performed as quickly as possible.
    Load: 15# Band

    E.1: Barbell Bicep Curls (* 1 min amrap.)
    Bicep curls performed with a barbell with or without additional weight.
    * one max set, choose barbell, full ROM, no kipping.
    Score: 33 reps using 45# bar

    E.2: Banded Tricep Pull-Down (100)
    Tricep pull-down using bands. Should be performed at high volume of reps. Always record color/type of band used.
    * 1×100, choose band, full ROM, perform as quickly as possible, emphasizing tricep extension over chest press, work to stay upright.
    Load: 50# band

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