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    + Scripture
    + Reflections

    B. WARM-UP
    * General: 3 rds of 250m row + 150m ski
    * Shoulders (2.5s)
    * DROM
    * Burgener Warm-Up
    * BB Warm-Up
    * WOD Movements

    C: CrossFit Open 18.0 (Time)
    Alt. One Arm Db Snatches 50/35
    Lat. Burps Over Db
    * For Db Snatch, can switch arms prior to Db touching ground but must be below eyeline, i.e., cannot be overhead. This is per Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games.
    * Db Snatches are single arm, alternating every rep. R = 1, L = 1.
    * For RX, burps MUST be jump down jump up, with two feet jumping over Db. Db must also be parallel to side of feet when jumping.
    * ANY step down, step up, or step over during any portion of any burpee will NOT be considered RX. This is per Dave Castro.
    * Modify as needed to complete workout as quickly as possible.
    * Never sacrifice positioning or form for speed.

    Time: 5:25. Used 50# DB for round of 21 then switched to 35# in order to keep intensity up.

  2. 7:56 yesterday’s wod performed today
    Holy hour, gospel, Catena, Fr Longenecker, DMC,
    Bed made

  3. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office and Saint Benedict for Fathers.
    WOD done in 17:18 total.
    10 full reps + 1 Push-up in 7 min. ARAP
    Bed made.

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