4 thoughts on “WOD 010218

  1. Spiritual awakening through daily Church readings, Office and Saint Benedict for Fathers.
    WOD done in 7:22.
    Bed made.

    + Scripture
    + Reflections
    + Imitations of Christ

    B. WARM-UP
    * 3 rounds of 10 cal Bike, 10 cal Ski, and 10 cal Row.
    * Shoulder (2.5s)
    * DROM

    C: New Year Challenge
    FOR TIME: 150 Burpees (onto 25# plate)
    * Burpees are onto a 25# plate.
    * Jump on/to plate replaces jump in the air. Must jump on plate for RX, step on plate is modification (not RX).
    Time: 14:23 RX

  3. Spiritual:
    Daily readings
    Gospel commentary
    Sorrowful mysteries
    WOD 7:52
    Bed made

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