Winning with Grace


God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6).

I managed to stay awake until around 1:00 AM CT but finally gave in and went to bed. Around 2:30 AM my wife asked me who won… I grabbed my phone and did a quick refresh and couldn’t believe my eyes – Donald Trump actually won the Presidency of the United States. Donald Trump. President.

To say I didn’t expect this result is the understatement of the century. In fact, I want to own up to something here… I actually wrote an entire article yesterday centered on the premise that Hillary Clinton won. I know… I should have had more faith. I should have believed. I didn’t. And, man, was I wrong.

So here we are the day after. Facebook is abuzz with snarky comments and memes from conservatives making fun of Hillary and her supporters. Hillary supporters are on the counteroffensive with equally snarky comments about moving to Canada and how the world is about to come to an end. And all the hate, and crappy attitudes by both sides, simply amplifies the division of this country.

My personal wish, actually more like my personal prayer, is that those who are happy Trump won (or simply that Hillary lost) will exhibit a little grace, kindness, and humility. Like I tell my kids when they play sports and see some success… act like you’ve done it before and plan to do it again. Win and lose with class.

It hurts to lose an election and rubbing salt into your Hillary supporting friend’s wounds doesn’t make you a bigger person… and if you enjoy making your liberal leaning friends suffer more than they already are I have to wonder how good of a friend you really are.

So, celebrate the win with friends and loved ones if you supported Trump. Be excited about what the future may bring to our country.  But realize we are all, ultimately, on the same team. We are all Americans.

So if you have family or friends who supported Hillary give them a day or two… then give them a call and show a little kindness and compassion. And, please, stop with all the Facebook hate… it just makes you look like a jerk who doesn’t know how to handle success.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups.

3 thoughts on “Winning with Grace

  1. Well Said! You are absolutely correct, What I know for sure is this…………..the sun still came up in its beautiful way, I still have my family who love me unconditionally, I still have an incredible career that allows me to make a difference in those less fortunate than me and most importantly, i am prepared to embrace change. Living in Canada, and being proud of what my country offers me, we were all glued to the television, flipping between Canadian coverage and US coverage. We will be impacted by the power house of the United States, but as you stated, being humble, gracious and proud of whomever you support is what will help you sleep at night.

    Be proud, have humility and most importantly be KIND!!!! No matter who you support, kindness is what people will remember.

    Your loving sister who loves you to the moon and back.

    Michelle Pereira
    Proud Canadian / Proud sister, daughter and aunt to MANY Americans!!!

  2. Great advice brother…nobody likes a jerk, especially a cyber jerk! Agreeing to disagree with respect, and working peacefully towards a unified nation is what our great country needs. Hate only begets more hate, but genuine love for one another (even our enemies) spawns more love.

    Have a blessed Veteran’s Day brother!

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