Whiteboard Lessons

By Ron Pereira

As I mentioned a few months ago I decided to join a local CrossFit box called CrossFit PAF.  BTW, if you live in the Keller, TX area you need to check this gym out!

My main reason for joining was to have a full time coach that could watch me and help me improve each and every time I worked out.  This has been fantastic and I’ve learned so much.

I’ve also met some incredible people.  I usually attend the 5:30 AM or 7:00 AM class and have gotten to know these folks well.  This has also been fantastic.

I’ve also learned to push harder than ever during workouts for one simple reason… there are others suffering right beside me!

Now, here’s where the “confession” portion of the article occurs.  You see, like most CrossFit boxes all of our scores and results are logged on the virtual “whiteboard.”  In other words, your workout performance is ranked against everyone else’s performance.  You also get to see who “Rx’d” the workout and who “scaled” the workout.

I’d like to say I’ve always done my best and ignored the whiteboard.  But, goodness, that would be the biggest lie of my life!  You see, for the first few months I checked that stupid whiteboard more than my work email.

And, once the last 7:00 PM class was over, and the final results were added, I’d assess my performance.  If I was towards the top of the whiteboard I’d feel satisfied… but, if I was towards the middle, or bottom, I’d feel pretty crappy.

Then something interesting happened.  And it happened after a particularly intense, aerobic based, workout that caused my soul to briefly leave my body.  Kidding of course… sort of.

After the last round of rowing was over I sort of rolled off the rower and moaned on the ground for a bit.  After a few minutes my soul came back to me and I smiled like I had won the lottery.  I then let out a little chuckle.

You see, there’s no way I could have gone harder than I did.  I did my very best.  I also knew my performance would leave me towards the bottom of the whiteboard since my aerobic capacity is my biggest opportunity fitness wise.  But, for the first time I didn’t care. Instead, I was totally satisfied with the effort I gave and knew it was my absolute best… thus the smile!

Now, I’m not sure why it took me close to 3 months to realize that the only thing that truly matters is that I do my very best.  Obviously pride played a big part.  And, like many reading this, I’m also competitive and want to win.

But the key person I now want to compete against is myself.  Can I do my very best at whatever it is I’m doing?

And, to be clear, this doesn’t just mean while I’m doing CrossFit. Have I done my best as a follower of Christ?  As a husband?  As a father?  As a business owner?  This is the question we all must answer now, and, most importantly, at the hour of our death.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!