What Women Really Want

By Chasity Short (Mike’s Wife)

Why, you may ask, is a woman blogging on a website for men? Because I know something you don’t. It’s something written onto my heart as a woman and I’m compelled to share it with all of you men. It’s the truth about what we women really want.

It’s no wonder that this seems to be an elusive topic, one we can approach but can never fully grasp. Society fills our heads with lies and we’re left in the proverbial tail-chase that results. We women do what we think our men want and you men do what you think us women want. All the while it seems neither of us can quite satisfy that itch. So, here I go. Are you ready?

We want a real man. We want a man that doesn’t swallow the lie from culture that to be a man one must learn to hunt, or drink scotch, or smoke cigars, or grow righteous beards, or bench press 300 pounds. Really, we don’t care about that. We want you, our man, just as you come, raw and real.

We want a safe man. We need (note I didn’t say want) our man to teach us through his words and his body that we are safe. That you would rather die than harm us. That we are all you see in this sex-drenched world. We need to know you have control over your passions, that you are not a slave to your base desires. But rather, you have gained, or are working towards gaining, true freedom.

We want a holy man. We want a man who is after God’s own heart. We want a man who takes personal prayer time seriously and seeks The One who relentlessly pursues you. We want to see you with scripture, with spiritual books or talks, getting to know our Lord. We want you to grab us by the hand before you leave for work and again before we say good-night and pray with us.

We want a man to lead. Not the grab-us-by-the-ponytail type of leading that the cavemen preferred, but the servant-king kind of leading. When you men get home from work and we’re surrounded by dishes and kids, we want you to lead the family by serving the family. We want you to lead family prayer. Not just rote memorized prayer you learned when you were 8 years old, but real, heart-felt deep prayer so that we all know you really know our Lord. And if you don’t know our Lord yet, start spending time with Him every day and fake it until you do.

We want a strong man. Not necessarily physically strong, though that sure doesn’t hurt, but mentally and spiritually strong. The world tells you men that to be strong is to show no emotions. I say true strength is being vulnerable with the other half of your “one flesh.” There is great strength in opening your heart to your other.

We want an interested man. How sad it is to see a woman sitting with her man while he is absorbed in his phone or the TV. We want you men to desire to know us, really know us. We want you to ask us questions and show us your heart still belongs to us alone.

We want a manly man. There is an epidemic of man-boys in our culture today. Men who would rather play games on their computer or phones than play games with their kids. We want men who have left the childish things of the past and who are realizing their importance in the family. You, men, are the visible sign of God the Father to your children. They will forever equate the Heavenly Father’s love with their earthly father’s love.

We need to see Jesus in you. Jesus was a real man. A manly man. He sweat, loved his Mother, did hard things. He fasted for 40 days, faced temptation and didn’t cave. He took our sins upon His body, and suffered for us emotionally, physically, and mentally. He laid down His life for us. This, men, is what we need. We need to look at you, our kings, and see The King.

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One thought on “What Women Really Want

  1. Thanks Chasity, a few of those hit close to home. We all need to hear the real truth more often and occasionally to hear it from a woman.

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