Total Commitment


Eight years ago I was selected to be a part of the SWAT team for the municipality where I work. As soon as I became a police officer I knew that I wanted to be a part of the team and applied for selection the first chance that I was eligible. As a young officer I could see something in the SWAT officers that were on the team that I wanted…an intangible confidence, calm and skill during high stress calls that very few others had. I desired to be the best and a part of a unit that was set apart and called upon when the crap really hit the fan. I was drawn to this sub set of policing because I knew that it would push me to my limits, sharpen me and rebuild me into a well-organized, fast thinking and disciplined officer who was capable of reclaiming order in a world that is quickly spinning out of control.

Most of us can point to times in our lives when we were drawn to an elite and radical way of living that demanded a complete commitment from us. Whether it was the work it took to become part of a select sports team or taking the leap into entrepreneurship, men desire challenges and a way of life that require us to be all in.

Living Radically

Living a Christian life is no different. If we really stop and think about what Jesus is asking of us then we can see that it is a call to live in a radical way that requires great discipline and heart!

Unfortunately for most men, an authentic Christian life which involves heroism that can change the world if adopted with its necessary demands, has never been presented to us. Most have never met other men with dynamic personalities that are animated by their total abandonment to the life of Christ. The demands of Christianity have often been diminished to being a nice guy or attending this or that bible study or fellowship group from time to time. If this is all that living a Christian life holds out then no wonder men are bored and so easily disregard it while picking up real challenging ways of living that the world offers.

Up for the Challenge

Men love to be challenged and to be a part of something great which demands more from us than we think we can give. I propose that this innate desire for greatness that we seek in various careers, sports, or athletic feats is ultimately fulfilled and found in the living out of an authentic Christian life.

If one takes the time to find out if this proposition is true, they will surely discover who the real Jesus is. Jesus is a real warrior that actually walked the earth and turned the culture of His time and every other time to follow, on its head. People flocked to him because of his immense power to heal and create change. Those who followed Him dropped everything and clung to Him. They left their careers, families, and the plans that they had for their life even as good as those plans may have been. It would be inauthentic to reduce their decision to being gullible or because they found comfort in fitting into a group. They radically changed their lives because they encountered someone who was worth the discomfort, the humiliation, the pain and eventually laying down their life.

Answer the Call

This challenge to become a part of something great which all men seek is still being offered today. It is a radical call to a specialized unit that most won’t bother to even consider. I urge each of you to answer the call, get off of the fence and join the cause which has and still does change the trajectory of the world.