The Journey Begins

It’s mid-January. Gears of the treadmills are winding, weights are clanging, and the air is thick and humid. You’re in a fitness gym in Anywhere, USA.

The gym is packed with new members who have set their sights on getting in shape. After all, it’s what everyone resolves to do after the holidays.

Meanwhile, the gym rat, the guy with tanned skin and ripped muscles strolls through the gym scowling because his routine has been interrupted. He can’t walk up to the machine he wants to use, he has to wait.

He isn’t aggravated at the smothering crowd because he doesn’t want them join, but rather because he has to wait until March for the crowd to thin out and fade away. The gym rat has seen it before, year after year, resolutions that melt with the last remnants of snow.

We’ve all been there, the new guy in the gym I mean. Most of us seek to improve our fitness because it’s something that is slipping through our fingers. We can look in the mirror and see that we aren’t in the shape we used to be.

Our joints ache and fatigue comes to us earlier and earlier each day. Most of us who say “I need to get in shape,” find it never comes to fruition because of three main factors: time, money and convenience.  We all run the rat race and these three factors pull at every decision we make, whether it be what we eat, what we watch, or what we do with our families.

Working out and clean eating is a path that can lead to a life of discipline, increased strength, flexibility, and coordination while decreasing risk of serious illness. My good friend Ron Pereira and I want to offer a solution for your resolution. We want to share with you our journey of living intentional lives, and we want you to come along with us.

It’s time for change

Being a SWAT operator, fitness has been a necessary part of my life. There are no excuses when you come face to face with eminent danger or the reality of having to save a fellow officer; it’s literally a life or death decision to get in the gym every day. I’ve maintained my fitness with CrossFit and have earned my instructor certification to help others do the same.

I’ve shared this program with Ron in a simple format to help overcome the three common obstacles that inhibit our paths to living more healthy lives. The fitness aspect of the program can be accomplished in 6 minutes a day from your bathroom before you jump in the shower.  To gain immediate access to the plan complete the form at the bottom of this article in order to access our Intentional Wellness eBook.

Made for Greatness!

Fitness is important to me because it allows optimal performance in my job and gives me the luxury of being able to live the way that I want.

With this said, fitness, in and of itself, will not bring you happiness, but it is a vehicle that can allow you to do the things you enjoy, or used to enjoy. One of my favorite quotes came from Pope Benedict XVI when he said, “The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”

We live in a time in which our marriages, families and all of our spheres of influence are screaming for men like you and I to be great. They need heroes. Our culture is starving for authentic men to lead, both physically and spiritually.

The world is tired of excuses. Let’s no longer complain, “I need to get in shape,” rather let’s do it! You don’t have to make this leap on your own; we’re in this together.

C.S. Lewis said, “In each of my friends there is something that only some other friend can fully bring out. By myself I am not large enough to call the whole man into activity; I want other lights than my own to show all his facets.” Through our community you will be given the tools to get started and then continue on the journey of intentional living.

Everlasting Growth

This journey is meant to help you realize that you are made for greatness by living an intentional life; starting with fitness and clean eating, but continuing with spiritual growth. We all want to get better at life, and we have all fallen short along the way.

The only true way to have everlasting growth and experience the greatness for which we were made is to encounter the person of Jesus Christ. This journey is intended to help you and I reclaim our freedom by living intentionally through an encounter with the Son of God. Let’s get started!

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    • Thanks for the comment, Kevin! Be sure to download the eBook and let me and Mike what you think of it. We just worked out in Mike’s driveway this morning… I almost puked as we said Morning Prayers after… but I made it!

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