Stay In Your Lane

We’ve all had teachers who have shaped our thinking positively and left an indelible impression on the way we look at the world and conduct our lives. Many times these impressions can be recalled with a simple phrase which tells a story or unlocks a hidden code of wisdom.

While studying to become a police officer in the police academy years ago, I encountered a teacher such as this. Our lead instructor was a grizzly Dallas PD vet who had all the street cred you could imagine, but he also carried himself in such a way that exuded confidence and demanded respect. He was courteous in speech while weaving in language that demanded authority and control.

He was also a military veteran and drove tanks for his MOS, so he had plenty of acronyms and military jargon to throw down. He instructed the class to simultaneously respond “Hooah” when he was making points that he wanted to ensure we understood. Even this term is an acronym which the phonetic spelling HUA means heard, understood, acknowledged. This dude was spun up to say the least.

Beyond the distinguished command presence that this man displayed, he also shared a phrase that has stuck with me all of these years. He would often repeat “Stay in your lane”. Its’ obvious reference is to something most of us practice daily on our drive to and from work. Keeping our vehicles between the dotted lines will protect us from running into others that are on their way to work and will ultimately get us to the destination where we are headed.

He would deliver this phrase when he caught himself getting off point and encouraged us to stay in our lane as a way of maintaining focus and grasping the essential things. We can easily see in our own lives that when we become distracted from what is important and lose sight of our goals we tend to swerve between lanes which causes chaos. If we drift too far from our lane we will find ourselves clear off of the path we are traveling.

There are tons of choices and opinions on how to improve our wellness and we can easily get overwhelmed and veer off course. When we are inundated with different diet choices or more commonly, chances to indulge our pallet…stay in your lane. Eat real food. A balanced approach of lean protein, carbs from veggies and good sources of fat will lead us on the path of optimal health.

We all are pulled in one way or another by distraction and fleeting pleasure. It takes focus, attention and discipline to travel the path set out for you. While the struggle is certain in order to become intentional about our nutrition choices, whether or not to work out, or setting aside time for prayer, just remember…stay in your lane.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)