Stay in Check

With the Octave of Easter in full swing, it is an exciting time for Christians celebrating the greatest feast of the year. It is a time filled with joy and hope. A time of thanksgiving and wonder. The eight days of feasting which follow Easter is a cry of victory for all Christians, but we sometimes forget that it is also a battle cry. While Christ gave death’s sting a mortal blow, we still play a key role in the battle to win His world back.

Easter is a time to celebrate with friends and family and indulge in delicacies like chocolate or whatever your favorite palate teaser might be. After 40 days of intentional acts of penance to win back our freedom during lent, we now can truly feast and enjoy the foods and fancies that we went without. While celebrating is crucial, I would like to point to some practical ways to assess your freedom to be sure that you aren’t thrown back into old habits that can enslave us with regard to food and drink.

Pick a Meal

Choose one meal a day during this festive time to give something up. It can be giving up a piece of bread or choosing water instead of soda. By doing this once a day during Easter you can trigger in your mind that you are in charge of what you eat and what you eat is not in charge of you.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Alone

There are likely many occasions to get together to celebrate the Easter season with friends and family, so these are great times to crack open a beer or a bottle of wine. I recommend choosing to limit your alcohol intake to times when you are with others. This will ensure that you are keeping alcohol in check and direct any occasions to drink towards communion and relationships.

Don’t Overeat

When there is a smorgasbord of delicious food in front of you during these great festive times it can be easy to eat until it hurts. You can exercise self-mastery by slowing down and eat your favorite treats one at a time and appreciate the taste and memories you are creating in the company of those you love. By eating slower your brain will have time to keep up with your body’s natural satiety, so that you can call it quits before you have to throw on the pants with the elastic waist.

These guides are by no means meant to be a kill joy or take away from the great celebration that Christians should be taking part in. Rather, they are tools that can be used to ensure that your sword stay sharp and your mind clear and ready to do battle.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)