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    If you’re interested in growing in holiness while also learning how to improve all aspects of your fitness and overall health… you’re in the right place!  Welcome to Intentional Encounter!

    Our Mission

    While not easy to achieve, our mission is straight forward.  

    We hope to help Catholic men reclaim authentic manhood and encounter the person of Christ by gaining self-discipline through fitness, clean eating, and a renewed prayer life.

    In order to achieve this mission we intend to share articles focused in three areas: Discipleship, Fitness, and Nutrition.


    Discipleship means following Jesus, and His Church, rather than giving into the demands, pressures, and temptations of the world.

    We firmly believe that we can, and should, strive for perfect self-control, discipline, and mastery in all areas of our life.  This is precisely what we intend to focus on when we write about the topic of discipleship.

    The following articles are presented in the discipleship category.


    crossfit21“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” 1 Cor 6:19

    God has blessed us with bodies that we should take care of.  Now, does this mean we should desire ripped abs so we can show off at the pool?  No.  Of course not.

    We do, however, believe Catholic men have a great opportunity to live healthy lives so they are able to best take care of whatever responsibilities God has given him.

    In other words, if you’re a father can you give your kids the attention they want at the end of the day or are you so physically exhausted all you want to do is yell at them to be quiet as you sink your bones into the couch?

    In our Intentional Wellness eBook (see form below to gain immediate access) we share a 40-day functional fitness plan that is designed to help all men regain control of their physical lives.

    Additionally, here are some fitness based articles we’ve written.


    paleoAre you overweight?  Perhaps you’re tired all the time and can’t stay focused at work or at home.  If any of these ring true chances are very good your diet needs to be cleaned up.

    And, sadly, the fast food – always in a rush – lifestyle many of us lead only amplifies the problem.

    So, to help each of us improve what we eat, and how we eat, we’ll be sharing nutrition based articles.  We’ve also presented a comprehensive clean eating guide in the Intentional Wellness eBook available for immediate download at the bottom of this page.

    Here are some nutrition based articles:

    Are You Ready to Get Started?

    If you’re interested in improving your spiritual and physical lives we’d encourage you to download our Intentional Wellness eBook where you’ll be presented with a clean eating plan, and 40-day workout plan, and most importantly, a plan for how to navigate through the Gospel of Matthew.

    To gain immediate access simply complete the form below.  If you have any problems downloading the book please contact us and we’ll help you out.