Ron’s Fitness Update: After 4 Months

By Ron PereiraWorkout 1On December 11, 2015 I began my physical journey towards better health. You can see workout #1 in the image above… 10 push-ups, crunches, and air squats.

A week or so before this image was taken I had asked Mike if he’d program some workouts for me… realizing I was in horrible shape. And by horrible I mean to say I could barely do 20 push-ups.

Mike was kind enough to help me out as he created what eventually morphed into the 40-day Intentional Wellness workout plan that can be downloaded for free by completing the form at the bottom of this article.

Now, 4 months later, I’m happy to report I’ve come a long, long way! Recently, at a Troop 5 of St. George campout I managed to do 59 push-ups during our “how many push-ups can you do in 1 minute contest!”

Of course I came in second place… Intentional Encounter’s own Mike Short did 65! But, hey, if you would have told me I’d be able to do 59 push-ups in 1 minute back in December I would have laughed in your face!

So what I want to do in this article is share a few of my experiences. What’s been great? What’s been hard? And what my goals are moving forward.

My Approach

I’ve now settled into a 5 day per week workout plan. I rest on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s and do some sort of CrossFit workout on the other days.  I’m also slowly converting my barn into a gym so the commute is awesome! Mike’s loaned me a bunch of his old equipment, which has been great!

In the beginning Mike programmed mostly body weight workouts that really helped me build a solid foundation. He then slowly introduced things like 400-meter runs, pull-ups, kettle bell swings, and most recently dead lifts into my workouts.

Here’s what I’ve done the last two workouts.

  • 12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible):

What I’ve Struggled With

So what’s been hard? That’s easy to answer. Jump roping!

Luckily, Mike’s been coaching me up and showing me what I’ve been doing wrong and while I’m still not great at it… I’m getting better.

The running has also been hard for me… especially since it’s always worked into some multi-round workout where I’m also doing things like squats and kettle bell swings.

For example, a recent workout had me doing the following:

What’s Been Great?

This is also easy… several of my kids have started to work out with me every morning! They wake up on their own and are ready to go hard. It’s been awesome to see them putting in so much effort… and hearing them cheer me on during my workouts has been fantastic!

I’ve had them focused on body weight workouts with some running worked in.  Here’s what my kiddos (age 13, 11, 9, and 7) did this morning:

And, for me, I’ve loved all the push-ups and have enjoyed getting better at pull-ups. I still have a long way to go… but I’m getting there.

My Goals for Next 45 Days

My goals, as it relates to working out, are to improve at jumping rope and, God willing, be able to begin double unders later this summer! But, yeah, I have a ways to go there.

I also want to get stronger at pull-ups and get decent at kipping pull-ups.

But, to be sure, I’m in no hurry and look forward to many years of functional workouts!

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!