“POS” Syndrome

I was recently diagnosed with a fairly common disorder called “POS”.  It infects millions of men daily and can result in inaction, indifference and spiritual laziness.

This syndrome is dubbed from the more common name of “being a piece of S&*%”.  My Exodus brothers and I still get together weekly and we take account of the major character building blocks like prayer, key relationships and discipline.  Inevitably one of us will recount that the POS syndrome got the better of us.

Typically being infected with POS means that you missed the mark in one aspect of your life and then allowed that failure to snowball into a myriad of others.  It’s more common than the cold and causes irritation and self doubt.

St. Paul described suffering from the “POS Syndrome” when he stated:

“I do not understand my own actions.  For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Rom 7:15)

We all set out each day to do great things…or at least we should.  Whether it is making an impact at work, hugging your daughter that extra few seconds or knocking out your first workout of the week and getting back on track in the gym…we all have grand ideas and visions of what greatness looks like in our lives.

However, it seems that soon after making these resolutions and promises the pesky symptoms of POS show up and we find ourselves lost in our phones instead of sacrificing for those we work beside, or rushing our kids to bed and missing another opportunity to express to them that they are worth the trouble.

There has to be an antidote…a remedy that can help clear the fog and help us recall what we were made for and to whom we belong.


There is an antidote to the problem of POS and it lies in a combined immunization formula that must be taken daily.


Lots of books are being written by “success coaches” these days on the importance of beginning each day with meditation.  They have even uncovered one of the tried and true Christian practices of fasting.  Meditation however, isn’t quite the same as the Christian antidote to the POS Syndrome; prayer.

Beginning your day with prayer is a proven method for strengthening your will and is as important as consistently hitting the gym to build muscle.  In reality prayer is the response to a call from God to enter into a deeper relationship with Him and our reply to this call daily will shape the way we approach decisions.


I have learned through Exodus that I can not grow to my potential on my own.  The journey towards holiness and overcoming POS is incumbent upon relationships with other like minded men who are willing to call me out when they see the symptoms appear and encourage me when I have fought them off.

If you don’t have a group of men in your life that you can depend on in this way then understand that you are spinning your wheels by trying to go at it alone and need to begin finding a Band of Brothers.


“Repeto” or begin again!

Discipline equals freedom.  The more we can say no to our lower appetites, the more our capacity to say yes to our desire for God will result in true freedom and peace.

Obviously this is easier said than done.  I’ll save you the Jocko clip, but understand that discipline is a process and we must expect failure in order to climb to the summit of living a disciplined life.  As we make this trek and shake off the effects of the POS Syndrome, we will find that discipline isn’t an imposition of rules on our life, but rather guide posts for living an ordered and purposeful one.

If you find that you have been infected by the POS Syndrome then begin your daily immunization formula and “put on the armor of God” (Eph 6:11).