Overcoming a Spiritual Plateau

Our journey to heaven is constantly evolving and changing. Each day is new and we’re never quite sure what to expect as it relates to our walk with Christ.

But, one thing that’s safe to say is some days are going to be better than others. In fact, there are almost always periods in our spiritual lives where we feel as if we’ve plateaued and are simply going through the motions.

My family and I recently attended a family retreat with our Schoenstatt brothers and sisters in Christ.  It was an amazing weekend since my wife and I made our “Covenant of Love” with our Blessed Mother.  More to come on this in a future article.

During one of the talks an amazing priest, Fr. Patricio, talked to us about these “spiritually dry” periods in our lives.  He compared it to our day-to-day relationships with our spouses. There are times when things are great and moving forward and there are times our marriages could use a little spark to get things moving again.

Our relationship with God is no different.  There will be times when we’re on fire (think Ash Wednesday) and there will be times we’re running on fumes and simply going through the motions.  Fr. Patricio mentioned that these “dry periods” are actually a gift since it’s God telling us we need to change things up in order to reignite the relationship.

So, as just a few examples, if you and your family say the Rosary together on a consistent basis perhaps you can change things up from time to time and sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Perhaps you can seek out some solid Catholic podcasts or talks for your commute to and from work.  I’m a huge fan of Fr. John Riccardo.

And, last, but most certainly not least, perhaps you can find some time to quietly visit our Lord in the quiet of your church for at least 30 minutes a week (an hour would be even better if you can swing it).

No matter what you decide to do to change things up the most important advice I’d like to offer is to never despair or give up hope.  Our Lord loves each of us more than we can fathom.  And He’s never going to give up on us so long as we don’t give up on Him.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!