Normal Is Broken

Everyone has been taught from the same playbook.

We tend to do all of the same things and there should be no surprise that the outcomes end up in the same place.  American society values individualism, but the accumulated effect of doing what we have been taught has had alarmingly similar results.

  • 42% of middle aged men are obese
  • 1/2 of marriages end in divorce
  • 50% of religious men are addicted to pornography
  • 43% of children live without their fathers involved in their lives
  • There are 6 former Catholics for every convert to Catholicism
  • 67% of Americans report that they are unhappy

The results of our lives by and large can be measured by how we look (physically/mentally), how well our relationships work and whether we live with purpose.  As a group…being “normal” is broken.

Take a Break from Normal

It is important for us to find ways to break from the norm in order to get different results.  The first step is discovering what results we want.  This involves defining our identity or who we think we ought to be.  Our Exodus group is working through Atomic Habits right now and decided to write our own obituaries in order to flesh out who we want to look like at the end of our lives.  It was a fruitful exercise in discovering what the target looks like.  None of our lives, by the way, resulted in what has become the “normal” American experience.

On January 21st, Exodus 90 is launching their 2019 campaign to change men’s lives through the tried and true method of habit formation and brotherhood.  If you find that the results in your life is looking a bit “normal”, I implore you to find 3 other men and sign up!  If taken seriously, it can begin to form you into the soldier and radical man who doesn’t accept “normal”.  You can beat the sedated manhood that our culture offers and step into the breach by becoming the virtuous man that your wives and children, church and community and society are starving for.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:14)