My New Pre & Post Workout Meals

Pre & Post Workout MealOne of my goals with this blog is to share the things I’m learning as I continue this Intentional Living journey.  And I’m happy to say I seem to have made some enhancements to my early morning diet… especially my pre and post workout diet.

Pre Work Out

What I’ve discovered is I am far better off drinking a cup of coffee before my morning workout.  I also blend in (literally with a blender) some MCT Oil and a little heavy whipping cream.

The caffeine gives me a boost and I can definitely feel the difference in my workouts.  And, as it turns out, there is an incredible amount of research that seems to support drinking a cup of joe before tackling that next MetCon!

Post Work Out

Then, immediately after my workout I mix 1 cup of frozen fruit with around 30 to 40 grams of whey protein.  The protein helps build my muscles back up and the fruit helps replenish the glycogen my muscles lost.  I also add in around 5 grams of creatine which is also shuttled into my muscles along with all that good glycogen.

I may also eat some eggs and veggies if my kids haven’t gobbled them all up before I finish my shake!  If I don’t eat any actual food, aside my shake, I typically grab a handful of unsalted nuts once I get to my office.  I also start to drink water once I get to work.

I’ve been following this process for the last few weeks and I’ve definitely felt a difference in strength, endurance, and recovery time.

Afternoon Workout?

With this all said, if I worked out in the afternoon, or early evening, I’d likely do my best to consume some protein and carbs an hour or so before working out.  I’m not an afternoon coffee drinker so I’m not sure I’d drink it before working out… but you could definitely experiment with this if you exercise in the afternoon.

Future Experimentation

In the future I may try to consume some whey protein before working out as this has been shown to help… my fear is I’ll feel a bit bloated and that whey protein could end up on my barn floor after that last round of burpees!  If nothing else it will prove to be an interesting experiment!

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!