My First Murph

This past Memorial Day Monday I completed the hardest workout of my life.  I did Murph.

For those that don’t know this workout starts with a 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats.  You then wrap things up with another 1 mile run.  Lt. Murphy used to do this same workout wearing body armor… I didn’t go as hard core as him but I did wear a 5 pound vest.

Mike shared the story behind this “Hero Workout” in his last article. Please check that out if you haven’t already done so.

I did the workout in my home gym with my wife, kids, and Mike there to support me.  It was pretty special.  I’ve thought about this Murph workout for many months and did my very best to prepare for it.

In fact, I can safely say I’ve never been more prepared for a workout in my life.  I was prepared physically.  I was prepared from a nutrition and rest perspective.  And I was prepared, as best as I could be, from a spiritual and mental perspective.

During the 1 mile runs a few of my kids rode their bikes and supported me.  My oldest son, Ryan, stayed close to me the whole time and kept encouraging me by quietly repeating, “Let’s go Dad.”  I can’t lie.  I have goose bumps thinking about this right now.  I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the way he stuck by me.

My oldest daughter, and main workout partner, helped me by counting all the pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats.  She also challenged me like no one else can since she’s worked out with me more than any other person and seems to know what to say and when to say it.  My wife, Genni, and all of my other kids were also all out there cheering me on.

And my brother in Christ, Mike, was also there to support me.  In fact, he ran with me even though he did this same workout a few days earlier and his legs were still hurting.  Having him beside me on that last mile run was pretty powerful and another moment I’ll never forget.

Now the point of this article isn’t meant to brag about how awesome I am.  Instead, I just want you to know that incredible transformation is possible for anyone willing to put the work in.

That first workout Mike gave me in December of 2015 consisted of 10 push-ups, 10 crunches (because I could barely do a real sit-up), and 10 air squats.  And I specifically remember “feeling the burn” immediately after I finished it.

And if you would have told me back then that I’d be able to complete Murph a year and half later I’d have laughed in your face.  But I did it.  And I fully intend to do it every Memorial Day for as long as the good Lord allows me to.

So no matter where you are right now, physically speaking, please know that with consistent hard work and dedication you can change your life physically and, most importantly, spiritually.  And we’d love nothing more than to help you through the process.  In fact, the exact “recipe” I used to start this physical transformation is available in the free eBook below this post.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!