I’m a 42-Year-Old Man That Doesn’t Want to Die

I’m 42-years-old and have finally realized that if I don’t change the way I eat, and take care of myself, my wife will be a widow and my 7 children will only have memories of their Dad far sooner than anyone wishes.

You see, unfortunately, strokes, heart disease, and cancer run in my family, on both sides, which is why I need to make a change.

So, I’ve recently made a decision to improve all aspects of my life – spiritually and physically.

My spiritual life isn’t in as bad a shape as my physical life. I attend Mass every week, I try to confess my sins every month (or sooner if needed), and my wife and I do our very best to live our Roman Catholic faith each and every day.

But, with this said, I know my spiritual life can improve. Over the years, I’ve grown lazy with my prayer life, I don’t read the scriptures as often as I should, and I seem to constantly fall to the same sins again and again.

Now, when it comes to my physical life… well it’s been a bit of a mess. I’ve eaten badly for many years and exercise is something I’ve watched my kids do!

As such, I’ve gained weight and started to experience far lower energy levels than in the past. And, yes, I know… 7 kids will do that to you. But, trust me, I can’t blame a busy household for my lazy ways!

So, yes, I need to improve both the physical and spiritual aspects of my life.

Does Fitness Equal Holiness?

Now, before going on, I do want clarify one thing. Am I saying an overweight, out of shape, person can’t be incredibly holy? Of course not. I know many amazingly holy people of all shapes and sizes.

And, obviously, shredded abs don’t always equate to holy lifestyles!

But, at least for me, I believe our Lord has called me to be the best man I can be. And being lazy – spiritually or physically – isn’t what I call my best.

Are You On Board?

So, if what I’ve just described resonates even a little with you I’d like to officially welcome you to Intentional Encounter.

My good friend, Mike Short, and I hope to inspire you with our own journeys to better health and spirituality.

We intend to share practical tips and advice on how you can immediately clean up, and improve, all aspects of your body and soul.

To be sure, our target audience is Catholic men but we do welcome anyone – man or woman – of any faith, or belief system, to join us in this journey.

Mike and I truly believe there is a connection between our spiritual life and our physical life and we’re excited to explore and learn right along with you.

Ready to Get Started?

In fact, if you’re ready to get started today – as in right now – we’d encourage you to download our Intentional Wellness eBook which, as it turns out, lays out the exact plan I’ve been following in an effort to deepen my spiritual life while radically improving my physical well being.  You’ll find the form to download the eBook at the bottom of this article.  Just enter your email and you’ll get immediate access.

And, while I’m not big on sharing before and after pictures let me just say… I feel great and have seen immediate results.

Our goal is to share at least one, most likely two, articles each week. We may eventually experiment with podcasting and video. But, for now, we intend to leverage the written word to communicate our message.  This will keep us plenty busy!

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!

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