Join the Battle

Cut to the Core officially ended on Christmas day. 50+ brothers united and, all combined, offered up the following for the healing and sanctification of the Catholic Church:

  • 194 Holy Hours
  • 931 Rosaries
  • 991 Chapters of My Daily Bread
  • 195 Partial Fasts
  • 611 Workouts
  • 681 Cold Showers
  • 725 Days of Media Asceticism
  • 711 Days of Dietary Asceticism

It was a powerful experience to say the least.  As I shared a few weeks ago our purpose wasn’t to improve ourselves… even though I can say, for sure, I feel like I personally improved.  Instead, our goal, our purpose, our why was to sacrifice and offer everything – every holy hour, every Rosary, every burpee – up for the healing of our Catholic Church and to strengthen the MANY holy priests and bishops fighting the good fight.

Once Cut to the Core ended a few of us decided to keep the ball rolling.  We even found a free smart phone app that allows us to keep track of what we do on a daily basis.  Now, we’re not quite as hard core as we were during Cut to the Core or when doing the full blown Exodus 90 disciplines.  For example, my son recently had his 8th birthday and I enjoyed some birthday cake.  No big deal.  I just didn’t mark my “clean eating” goal for that day.

Again, our purpose for doing this isn’t self-improvement… even though we will surely all benefit from living more disciplined lives.  Our purpose is to continue to sacrifice for the church.  You see, it’s real easy to sit around and complain about church hierarchy.  It’s easy to point fingers.  It’s easy to get ticked off.  And it’s especially easy to despair!

But all this worry, anger, and frustration does nothing but ruin your day and, most likely, makes you annoying to be around.  Don’t be annoying!

So, if you’re angry, worried, and feeling despair unite with us.  Unite with us and pray more.  Unite with us and read more scripture.  Unite with us and eat clean.  Unite with us and exercise more.  And, yes, unite with us and suffer a little under some cold water for the healing, and sanctification, of our Holy Catholic Church.

And if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like track things… get over it.  Stop thinking about yourself.  Instead, think about how you “checking in” that you did your Rosary may, in fact, motivate me to get off my butt and say my own Rosary!  We need to help, and support, each other brothers.  We can’t do this alone.  And we shouldn’t expect, as holy and amazing as they are, our wives to be the spiritual leaders of our families.  That’s our job.  We lead.

So, if you want to join the battle all the information you need can be found on this Google sheet.  The free app works for both iPhone and Android devices.  And you’re in complete control on how much you share with others.

Finally, if you’ve never done a full Exodus 90 I beg you to remedy this.  Find 3 to 7 other men that live close to you and start your own Exodus.  Do it to be a better man of God.  Do it to be a better husband.  Do it to be a better Dad.  And, most of all, do it for the healing of our Catholic Church.