It’s Time to Engage

It’s time! Lent has arrived and based on what I’m hearing, and seeing, many of you intend to engage like never before.  I know of new Exodus 90 groups starting up including my wife and two of my daughters who have formed their own Exodus groups with friends.

I also know MANY of you are engaging in our 40 day Intentional Wellness plan.  I stress MANY since we’ve never seen so many downloads of our free eBook.  This is very humbling and we do thank you all for giving the program a try.  Please let us know how it goes and when you’re done with the 40 days hit us up and we can send you more programming.

What I’d like to do today is offer a few tips for how to start and then sustain the journey many of you are starting.


First, I cannot recommend how important it is to have a consistent time, and place, to complete your spiritual reading and physical workouts.  I’ve personally found the early morning to work best for me.  But, whatever you choose, be consistent and don’t deviate from your plan.

With this said, if you do miss your normal time don’t despair… find another time that same day and complete your work.  If you’re following the Intentional Wellness 40 day plan no workout will take longer than 10 minutes so you can find time and you can easily chip away at the spiritual reading throughout the day if you’re not able to complete it in one sitting.

And if you’re doing Exodus 90 be sure to pencil in the exact time and day you plan to make your Holy Hour.  If you’re like me it won’t happen without it being scheduled in your calendar.


Next, one of the most powerful aspects of Exodus 90 is the accountability to the other folks in your group.  So, no matter what you decide to do this Lent I highly encourage you to share your goals and your plan with others.  Let them know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  And ask them to check in with you on a regular basis, even daily, to see how you’re progressing.  Perhaps you can offer to help them with their plans as well making it a win/win situation.

And if you don’t have someone to tell you can tell me.  I mean it too.  Simply contact me and let me know what you’re up to and I will personally follow up with you.

Embrace the Struggle

Finally, if you’re not used to working out, or being disciplined with your spiritual life, you’re going to have days you don’t want to do the work.  You’re going to have days when you’re struggling to breathe during the workouts.  You’re going to have days you’re going to want to quit it all.

Don’t quit.  Fight through it and embrace the struggle.  Here’s a quick related story.  My 14-year-old daughter really inspired me yesterday.  She did the CrossFit Open 17.1 workout and, trust me, it hurts.  A lot.

I did the same workout a few days earlier and still feel the effects!  Anyhow, during the final round of 50 reps my daughter really embraced the stuggle.  I couldn’t tell for sure but it seemed as if she nearly started to tear up.  I kept encouraging her to fight through it and she did.  She didn’t quit and finished the workout in under 18 minutes!

Yes, it was a proud Dad moment for me… but, more importantly, it was yet another reminder of how we should never, ever, quit during any aspect of life… most especially our spiritual life.

Make no mistake my brothers and sisters in Christ… the devil wants you to quit that workout just like he wants you to fall back into the comfortable life of sin and laziness.  Don’t give the prince of lies what he wants.  Instead, embrace your cross, suffer for others, and send satan back to hell where he belongs.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!