It’s Complicated!

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Eleven years ago Hurricane Katrina changed the landscape of the Gulf Coast and displaced hundreds of thousands of people who lived there, killing thousands more. During this dire incident and the chaotic days following the storm, a news story surfaced that puzzled many of us. It was reported and confirmed that rescue helicopters attempting to save people in a desperate situation were fired upon by the very people they were trying to save. It was hard to fathom why someone would run off the people who were attempting to rescue them and provide them with safe harbor.

Often, however, we find ourselves in a very similar position. Surrounded by water, with nowhere to go, we push change away. We don’t want help, we are content where we are, even if we aren’t going anywhere.

The intriguing aspect of this story is the reasons those people didn’t want help.  Why did they choose to remain in danger, stranded… stuck? Human beings are complicated creatures. We are a composite of many different aspects which mold us into who we are. The human person has psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical and experiential dimensions which shape who we are and how we perceive things around us. These melded parts make things messy and can force us to focus our vision through this personalized reticle and see the world around us through a narrow field of view.

When matters of change come our way, such as getting in shape, eating clean or the call to follow Christ, we tend to look at it through our narrow field of view and our response becomes blurred, messy and unclear. Everyone who is overweight or otherwise unhealthy knows that eating real food and cutting out snacks filled with sugar will change their lives. It’s not as though they have never heard of a gym or read that healthy foods can make you feel better and prevent disease. The reasons for not changing and remaining stuck where they are runs deeper than mere knowledge.

What’s Your Script?

Most of us look at what the health industry holds out through our scoped personal vision and simply reject it. They offer pat and simple platitudes for complex and messy problems. We have a multitude of barriers that keep us from changing whether it be physical, psychological or simply our experiences. We run these silent scripts in our minds which shape the way we approach change. “I can’t workout, I’ve got a bad knee” or, “I can’t lose weight regardless of what I eat.”  The simplex solutions offered by the fitness gurus don’t always resonate with our reality.

Get off the Roof!

So if you recognize these scripts running through your mind and you find yourself taking pop shots at the rescue helicopters of clean eating and fitness that keep swirling overhead, I want to challenge you to take control of your personal journey and treat finding the resolution like an experiment. You may know immediately what your barriers are to making a change in your wellness, but others may need to find them hidden under convenient excuses.

My challenge to you is to test your hypothesis and identify  your barriers and then make an adjustment and test the results. The reality is that your personal journey to greatness is just that… yours. All the rescue helicopters in the world won’t be able to rescue you until the decision is made to widen your field of view and become the warrior for which you were created.