Intentional Methodology

I’ve been involved in training/coaching for the better part of ten years now and have been able to develop methods that help progressively build those being instructed and incrementally put them in positions to succeed at the new skills they learn when the appropriate times arise.

Early on in my career as a Police Officer I had the honor of training new police recruits as they trudged through a grueling 17 week hands on training program. During the first part of this process, recruits were exposed to a full gamut of calls for service that they would soon be handling on their own, but they were only responsible for small parts of these calls in the beginning.

The amount of multitasking that is required when responding to a police call is astounding and can be a bit like taking a sip from a fire hose for new folks just starting out. Through systematically increasing their responsibilities during the program, officers who complete the process are given the tools and discipline to begin their own journey and create their own style in becoming part of the thin blue line that separates order from chaos in our society.

Where Have We Come From and Where are We Going?

Both Ron and I have taken our real life experience in coaching and mentoring folks and applied them to the Intentional Encounter Wellness Plan. I wanted to share with you the methodology behind its development and where it is headed once you get through the first 40 days.

My background as a CrossFit Instructor helped shape the workouts that we provide in that they are functional movements performed at relative high intensity. The workouts begin with three basic movements, push-ups, air squats and sit-ups or crunches. These are three functional movements that aren’t easy when performed with the full range of motion but help develop core strength, balance and power. The movements are plugged into various schemes and patterns which prevent boredom for the athlete but also challenges our strength and cardiovascular capacities.

As the program develops it continues to introduce more body weight exercises with varied rep schemes and timed patterns. The complete first phase lasts 90 days. This amount of time is intentional in order to create the habit of exercise and develop the necessary motor patterns and strength to move on to slightly more challenging workouts down the road. The secondary goal behind all of our workouts is that they can all be completed at home and within 15-20 minutes. This was important for us as Ron and I share in your experience of the real challenges inherent in leading our families and providing for them through our work.

Beyond the first 90 days, we have continued to develop a plan which will incorporate a minimal amount of equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and sandbags. The method in developing these workouts are meant to uncover the warrior within us in both body and soul and create a band of brothers who are on the journey together.

If you are nearing the end of the workouts that you have been provided through Intentional Encounter and would like to fuel your journey with more, please reach out to us and we can provide you with a plan.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)