Intentional Accountability: Mar 21 – 27

Accountability March 21Welcome to another edition of Intentional Accountability!

Mike and I wish each and every one of you the very best this Holy Week.  If possible, we’d encourage you to unite any physical sufferings you may experience while working out – or fasting – with the cross on behalf of those truly suffering sickness, sadness, loneliness, or any other challenge.

If you do any sort of work out (spiritual or physical) and would like to share it with others simply scroll down below the post and leave a comment.

You never know… your workout may be the motivation someone needs to improve their spiritual or physical fitness!

Need Help Getting Started?

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3 thoughts on “Intentional Accountability: Mar 21 – 27

  1. Monday:

    Spiritual: Exodus meditation and read Gospel of Mark


    15 minute AMRAP:
    – 10 jump ropes
    – 15 sit-ups
    – 4 pull-ups

    I completed 10 rounds… I did all of the pull-ups unassisted for the first 7 rounds (28 total) and used bands for the last 3 rounds.

    I also did better with jump roping… not perfect by any means… but better. I need to focus on keeping my wrists below my shoulder and flipping the rope with my wrists instead of the “manually turning the window down motion” I have been doing.

    Cashed out with 3 sets of planks with 0:30 rest in between (0:60, 0:60, 0:30)

  2. Tuesday:

    Spiritual: Exodus meditation (day 42) and read some of the Gospel of Mark (Jesus is betrayed)


    4 Rounds for Time:
    – 250 meter row
    – 20 HR Push-ups
    – 15 Thrusters (30 lb first round, 25 lb second round, 20 lb 3rd and 4th round)

    Time was 13:24

    Cashed out with 3 rounds of 0:30 planks… around :30 rest in between

  3. Monday:


    Scripture Reading (Luke Passion Narrative), Office of Readings, Exodus. Daily Mass


    Strict Pull-ups 5×4

    AMRAP in 14 min:

    5 Power Cleans
    7 OH Sit-ups
    9 Burpee over bar
    30 Double Unders or 90 Singles

    100m Sprint x 2. I completed 5 rounds + 1 Clean at 135#



    Scripture Reading (John Passion Narrative), Office of Readings, Exodus. Daily Mass


    Strength: Floor Press 3-3-3-3-3

    For time:

    800m run
    25 Push Press (95#)
    600m run
    20 Push Press
    400m run
    15 Push Press

    Post times to comments. Cash Out: Flutter Kicks (:45 on/:45 off) x 2

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