Intentional Accountability: Feb 29 – Mar 6

Welcome to another edition of Intentional Accountability!  Sorry this week’s post is a little late… my 7th child (baby girl) was born yesterday so it’s been a little hectic!

Anyhow, you know the drill!  If you do any sort of work out (spiritual or physical) and would like to share it with others simply scroll down below the post and leave a comment.

You never know… your workout may be the motivation someone needs to improve their spiritual or physical fitness!

Need Help Getting Started?

Now, if you’re not sure how to get started feel free to check out what some of us did the last few weeks:

And, of course, you can download our free Intentional Wellness eBook by completing the form below this article.  Inside the eBook we share a 40 day workout plan anyone can use.

5 thoughts on “Intentional Accountability: Feb 29 – Mar 6

  1. My spiritual workouts this week are pretty much focused on praying the Sorrowful Mysteries on behalf of my wife who is struggling post pregnancy and also the Lustig family. I’m also doing my Exodus meditations and doing my best to let go and let God drive.

    My physical workouts have struggled this week… lack of sleep is a killer. This morning I did 3 rounds for time in the bathroom (20 HR P/U, 20 squats, and 20 sit-ups). I’m just going to do what I can this week realizing my spiritual work is far more important.

    Thanks to all who are praying for those in need of prayer.

  2. Thursday:

    Spiritual: Exodus meditation and several Rosaries for my wife and the Lustig family.


    13 minute EMOM
    – 10 push-ups
    – 10 sit-ups
    – 10 squats

  3. Saturday Workout:

    ~10 tricep pushups
    ~10 crunches
    ~10 situps
    ~10 pushups
    ~10 straddle leg lifts

  4. Friday:

    Spiritual: Exodus meditations and special prayer intentions for the Lustig family.


    4 rounds of the following:

    – :30 flutter kicks
    – :30 rest
    – :30 push-ups
    – :30 rest
    – :30 squats
    – :30 rest

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