Indifference is a Choice

Being indifferent is cool.  Many of our youth fall for the lie that a lack of interest will help them fit in.  If the only thing you stand for is standing for nothing, then it becomes easy to criticize others and risk nothing.

Most of us shake this cloud of indifference off once we mature into adulthood because we find through experience that sitting on the fence will get us nowhere, especially in important parts of our lives like earning a living.  The sting of indifference, however, can often permeate into our adult years and can be felt in seemingly less critical areas of our lives like our physical and spiritual health.

The reality is that when we do not to make a choice, we still choose.  No dishonest criminal sets out to be dishonest…he just chooses not to practice honesty.  No one sets out to be broke…we just choose not to practice financial prudence.  So it is with our health.  We don’t choose to be de-conditioned and fat…we just choose not to practice temperance at meals and exercise regularly.

We are all given bodies and the ability to move them in the way in which they were created to move in varying degrees.  When we sit on the fence of indifference and don’t train our bodies to move according to their original design then we still make a choice…we simply choose to not train ourselves in courage and self mastery.

We will all make that decision today…it is inescapable…what will you choose?

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)