IE Success Story: Andy Wheaton

WheatonNote from Ron: Today’s article was written by our fellow Exodus brother, Andy Wheaton.  His results – spiritually and physically – are nothing short of extraordinary.  And while he doesn’t mention it… I happen to know that Andy has lost more than 45 pounds in 90 days.  Well done, Andy.  Very well done!

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My commitment to the Exodus program and my use of the Intentional Wellness work out program has greatly affected my Catholic faith, my family life, and my overall health.

At first, the program and its outlined disciplines seemed unachievable to me; almost scary to commit to. But now, nearing the completion of the 90 days, I find it even more scary that I resisted the entreaty to change.

I see now that my response to the desire to feel better about myself was really a long overdue response to God’s call to me to orient myself to Him and to become who He made me to be.

Eliminating distractions and focusing on my spiritual and physical health has given me clarity and awareness that I can honestly say I have never experienced before. I look forward to using my “day 91 self” as a benchmark to strive continuously for greatness as a Catholic; as a husband; as a father; and as a brother in Christ.

I thank Ron and Mike for their passion in creating the Intentional Encounter program which works quite well in conjunction with Exodus. But more importantly I thank God: my Father, my Lord, my Advocate, for giving me the opportunity and the ability to intentionally work toward becoming the man He desires for me to be.

The picture above is from Jan 4th, 2016 compared to today, May 9, 2016.

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