IE Success Story: Andy Hightower

HightowerNote from Ron: Today’s article, written by our good friend and fellow Brother in Christ, Andy Hightower, is our first “success story.”  Andy has been following the guidelines we lay out in the Intentional Wellness eBook and has definitely seen results.  Well done, Andy!

Hightower ClimbingToday was a profound realization of why fitness really matters as a father.

Indoor Rock climbing with Troop 5 of St. George was awesome. And it was really hard! A couple months ago, I would have been ashamed on the sidelines as I watched the boys and the healthy dads scaling walls and having a blast.

Thanks to the Intentional Wellness Workouts I was truly a “participant” today, and not just a spectator! I can’t keep up with Ron (yet!), but I conquered a couple of walls that honestly blew my mind and scared me to death! And I had a great time trying the rest of them, even if I am just a rookie.

I’m so happy that I was able to really DO it with my boys. We connected emotionally, with laughter and words of encouragement, and plenty of good natured trash talk. They were proud of my efforts, I think.

They have a dad who DOES, not a dad who drops them off! That is my goal in life, that they will never doubt that I love them enough to spend time with them. Not just work hard to pay for private lessons and uniforms, but to actually get my hands dirty and be where they are.

It’ll hurt (a lot) tomorrow but it was totally worth it!

During my next round of push-ups, or whatever torture you’ve devised, I will be visualizing those climbing walls. My arms will get me to the top more often, and faster, when we return to this activity. And there’ll be less weight to lug around as well…