Hard to Kill

“Strong people are harder to kill” – Mark Rippetoe

Becoming hard to kill has become one of my favorite montras lately.  Immediately my mind jumps to the vision of a warrior.  A man among men, clad in armor, skills as sharp as his blade with a fierceness that can be felt like thick air.  This man is not the summit of perfection, but the outcome of an arduous process.

Another man I admire has coined the phrase “hard to kill” and spends his days teaching others to become prepared, self aware and at the end of the day…more difficult to defeat.  His name is Tim Kennedy.  He now has his own show on the Discovery Channel titled “Hard to Kill“.  He is a modern day GI Joe (with a foul mouth) who was a Special Forces soldier and a top ranked UFC fighter.

The term “hard to kill” is important to me because it connotes a couple key attributes that I’d like to unpack.  The obvious point is to become tough, disciplined and determined, but there is a more subtle attribute in the phrase that is maybe even more important. Becoming hard to kill expresses a sense of humility which takes into account the possibility of suffering at the hands of your enemy and even losing some battles.  The warrior is hard to kill, but there is a humility in that the possibility of being defeated is a reality.  This is not a participation trophy statement.  There will be struggle and you may come out scarred and maimed.

Becoming hard to kill involves a process and the end result is that your adversary will have a very difficult time overcoming you.

How does this mindset apply in a world that is relatively peaceful and affluent, all things considered.  I suggest that it is important to have this mindset even if you are not physically battling other men for survival.  The adversary that seeks our destruction in todays day and age are passivity, weakness and apathy.

We must overcome these real enemies through an integrated process of becoming hard to kill both physically and spiritually.


Although we aren’t currently deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan as soldiers, we should still train our bodies to be able to handle ourselves and protect our family from physical harm if the need arose.  This also allows our kids to see that we take care of ourselves, which they will model as they mature.

Wake Up

The first thing you can do each day to train yourself to become hard to kill is to get up as soon as your alarm sounds.  This first win of the day sets the tone for what is to come and sends a clear message to your enemy, apathy, that you will be someone to reckon with.  You are Hard to Kill.

Work Out

This blog is filled with ideas on the importance of physical training.  The reality is that when you instill the habit of exercise, your muscle mass increases and atipose tissue decreases, making you a formidable opponent to weakness.  You are Hard to Kill.

Eat Clean

Eating real food takes discipline and planning.  If you want to guard from the onslaught of passivity, make the decision to eat clean.  When you choose meat and veggies instead of donuts and soda. You are Hard to Kill.


Overcoming these adversaries also requires tapping into God’s super abundant power (Grace) and training our hearts to allow Him to act through us.


Having a solid prayer life and dedicating time is vital in developing a relationship with Christ.  This is essential for understanding who you are in His eyes and finding your mission that He has hand picked for you in order to overcome your enemy named; apathy. You are Hard to Kill.


The wisdom of becoming comfortable being uncomfortable is an essential Christian practice that is lived out through fasting.  Training your will so that your “yes” means “yes” and your “no” means “no” is fundamental to overcoming your enemy; weakness.  You are Hard to Kill.


Finding ways to be a gift to others is a way in which you can train yourself to impact those in your sphere of influence and get outside of yourself.  Demonstrating charity for others helps you to slay your ego and sends fear into your opponent; passivity. You are Hard to Kill.

”Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:14)