Hail Mary / Push-Up Challenge

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!  I pray things are off to a good start for you and your loved ones.

I recently wrote about the importance of committing to a goal and taking immediate action. I know some of you took me up on the challenge but I also know not everyone did.  That’s OK.  Today is a new day and it’s definitely not too late to start or even restart if you’ve already stumbled.

Last year we explored how to set goals you will achieve.  Specifically, we covered how to create SMART goals.  I’d really encourage you to check that article out and think about how it applies to the goals you have for 2017.

With this said, most new year resolutions fail for a variety of reasons.  But, at least for me, the number one reason most people fail is they simply bite off more than they can chew.

As such, I’d like to present a new years challenge we can all achieve.  And this challenge is simple.  Right before you climb into bed each night I challenge you to recite (1) Hail Mary before dropping to the floor and doing (1) push-up.  That’s it.  One Hail Mary and one push-up.  This challenge will run through the end of January 2017.

And, for the record, I plan to take this challenge on myself so even if you’re a CrossFit beast capable of doing 100 push-ups… you only need to do one push-up after reciting one Hail Mary before climbing into bed each night.

Finally, I’d really appreciate it if you could offer this single Hail Mary and single push-up for Mike’s son, Dominic.  Dominic is going through a rough period and could really use our prayers.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!