I’m struggling this week to come up with the words to express what I have been experiencing these past few weeks and incorporate it into a motivational, intention focused article.  I’m tired.

My wife took a stab at chronicling what we have been living through recently in her blog, and has a much more eloquent way of communicating than I could ever dream of.  I don’t bring these circumstances to light for pity or because I feel sorry for myself.  I recognize daily the numerous people who have it much worse than we do as I’ve walked the halls of the hospital in recent weeks.  I completely trust that God has placed these circumstances before us so that we can lean on him more in our walk towards holiness.

The words I have simply fall short of the spirit that is still within me, especially during this time of adversity for my family.  I wanted to share the words of another warrior, Jocko Willink, who expresses this spirit better than I can at this point.  If you’re reading this via email please click here to watch the video.  Enjoy.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph (6:11)