Gain Control with Disney Circle

By Ron PereiraI recently purchased a Disney Circle unit for my home as a way to ensure my family and I maintain control of the way we use the Internet and the many devices we own.  I cannot recommend this unit enough.

Now, I do have children who access the Internet so this unit is definitely intended to keep them safe and to help them develop good habits.  The Circle unit allows parents to set limits on just about everything.  So, yes, we definitely have this working for our kids.

But, here’s the thing… I also need help with media so I’ve set controls for myself.  I’ve placed limits on how often I can use Facebook each day (once you’re over the limit Circle blocks access) and how long I can visit sports related websites.  I’m also using the “Off Time” feature from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (family time).  This feature disables the Internet across all my devices making it impossible for me to access the Internet.

Now, the only downside to the Circle unit is that it links up with your home WiFi.  So, all anyone has to do is turn WiFi off on their cell phone which then allows them to access the Internet using their cell service.

Luckily Circle Go exists to cover you here… this is a monthly subscription service that allows you to maintain control over your mobile devices even when they’re not connected to your home WiFi.  I also purchased this to ensure we’re all covered when we’re on the go.

This is our first week using Circle and Circle Go… but so far it’s working great. So if you’re interested in finding a way to manage the use of media for yourself and your loved ones I’d definitely encourage you to give Disney Circle a look.