Force Multiplier

This week I wanted to share a talk with you from a good friend of mine named Butch Steinle. Butch is a teammate on the SWAT team and we worked the streets together for years. He was recently asked to talk at a Men’s Conference in Wyoming and shared how we can become intentional Disciples of Christ.

Become Lethal

As SWAT operators we train daily to become the most lethal assets within our police family. This is accomplished through hours spent in the gym and on the range. Drawing, weapon manipulation and dry firing drills are completed daily to keep our skills sharp. Room clearing techniques and target discrimination drills are rehearsed in our heads throughout the day each time we enter a room or hallway.  We become proficiently lethal not in order to suppress the weak, but rather to protect them when everyone else has run away. We constantly train in order to be able to respond decisively when the call comes out. When summoned, we utilize our training and preparation to set the operational tempo in order to end the crisis with the most favorable outcome, which ultimately is to save lives.

I would suggest that as Christian men we are all called in a similar way to become more spiritually lethal every day. This may sound strange, but as Christians…Christian men especially, we are called to participate in God’s battle plan to redeem the world. We steadily become lethal by disciplining our will and sacrificing our time, talent and treasure for the glory of God. We can train with spiritual weapons like the Rosary, where we reflect on the life of Christ and study our Commander’s plan. Commit the time to a Holy Hour, where we put in the work in wrestling with the Master and learning submission holds over our distractions and interior laziness. Much like when a SWAT call comes out, we must prepare ourselves through training to respond to the temptation to sin and crush it. We train to be spiritually lethal in order set the tempo of suppressing evil and taking back His world.

Become a Force Multiplier

SWAT operators are also trained to be thinkers and thereby become force multipliers. When we arrive on scene to chaotic situations we are often looked upon for direction. By helping others see the mission more clearly and find positions for them to fill that are tactically sound, we become force multipliers through a cohesive effort and can change the outcome of the operation quickly.

In the same vein, Christian men are also called to be force multipliers by spreading the Faith where we are. Butch talked about decompartamentalizing our lives in order to allow God to work through us in the various encounters we have each day. We can help to show others the mission and find positions for them where they too can respond to God’s call. A spiritual force multiplier can change the culture our family. Our families can change the culture of our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods can change our community, and that change can continue to domino and radically re-orient the trajectory of the culture for the entire world.

As next week rolls around think of ways to become intentional and train to be a more lethal Disciple of Christ who is ready to crush the head of Satan and lay down our life for a friend. This training makes us force multipliers. By cutting through the chains of mediocrity and passivity we can help change the outcome of those we encounter by allowing God to work through us.

Put on the Armor of God (Eph 6:11)