Encounter Others

By Mike Short

In this ‘stepping out’ it is important to be ready for encounter. For me this word is very important. Encounter with others… because faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does: encounter others. – Pope Francis

Throughout his pontificate Pope Francis has continuously proclaimed the idea of encounter. The Holy Father uses this word to refer to a meeting and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whether it was due to poor catechesis growing up, a bad experience with the Church or Her ministers, or simply not ever knowing anyone who had encountered Our Lord, especially in our families, we have missed out on this encounter in our own lives.

Never Evangelized

It has been said that many of us have been “Sacramentalized,” but never evangelized. We’ve been given the weapons for spiritual battle, but, sadly, have never met the person for whom we are fighting.

This website is designed to help us encounter the person of Christ.  But first we need to reclaim order in our own lives so we can make the time and have the energy to experience this encounter. Through a series of intentional decisions regarding our diet and fitness we can create good habits, which will allow us to reclaim the freedom for which we were born.

The Need for Self Mastery

Throughout history, the Church has taught the importance of discipline and self-mastery. But in today’s culture, which is soaked in overindulgence, many prefer an extended adolescence filled with distractions and comfortable consumption. Even though these choices often bring a taste of temporary gratification, they never ultimately satisfy our deepest desires for peace, joy and greatness.

We can begin to cultivate the skill of self-mastery simply by changing our eating habits and beginning to exercise, which can help us find a path to live intentional lives. Once these physical aspects of our lives are in control we’ll be in far better position to meet and Encounter Jesus Christ who ultimately satisfies our every needs and shows us our ultimate purpose.

Will You Join Us?

So, if you’ve desired to deepen your encounter with Christ, and His Church, while also bringing order to all areas of your life we’d like to welcome you to the Intentional Encounter family.

In order to gain maximum benefit here is what we suggest.

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