Eating Clean in 2016

eating-cleanMy journey to better health has been a two edged sword – diet and exercise.  Both have played an extremely important role but, to be sure, changing the way I’ve eaten has been the most important.  You simply cannot out work a bad diet meaning all the burpees in the world won’t defeat an unhealthy diet.

So, in this article I thought we’d revisit some of the nutrition based posts we’ve shared this past year.

My first “diet based” article came in January of 2016 when I explained how I dropped a pants size in 30 days!  Now, choosing a clean eating plan can be confusing.  There are many options out there including the paleo, primal, and bulletproof diets.  This is why we’ve done our best to combine what we believe to be the best of all these diets into the clean eating plan we lay out in the Intentional Wellness eBook that can downloaded for free at the bottom of this article.

And while I was on my journey to better health Mike was also working hard to refine the way he was eating as well.  He’d obviously been working out a LONG time and was in great shape.  But, sometimes, looks can be deceiving… especially as it relates to diet.

Now, an important part of my journey has consisted of learning more about how my body works.  Yes, I knew eating processed sugar, especially things like sugary drinks, was bad for me.  But why?  I needed to know the why.  Well, as it turns out a major obstacle for folks trying to lose weight is something called insulin resistance.  It’s bad news… but, luckily, it can be defeated with persistence.

And while insulin resistance is bad enough the science doesn’t stop there… ever wonder why you’re so hungry?  If so, you may be dealing with something called leptin resistance.  And if all this “science” makes your head hurt the good news is defeating these issues is pretty straightforward – stop eating sugar, processed foods, and most grains.  If you do this for around 90 days I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see results.

Now, as I continued to see improvements as it relates to weight loss I began to focus on the way my body performed during workouts.  This is why I began to experiment with supplementation including whey protein and creatine.

Finally, as the year progressed and my weight stabilized and my new eating habits had been solidified I continued to focus on how what I eat impacts performance in the gym.  I’m officially in the best shape of my life as a 43-year-old man but I’m not satisfied.  I want to continue to progress.  I want to get stronger.  I want to be more fit.  As such, I have slowly started to introduce more carbs into my diet… especially white rice.  I also eat things like white potatoes on a regular basis.

To be sure, my journey is just getting started and it will be be fun to point to this article in December of 2017 when I, God willing, share another update of how things have progressed, or possibly stayed the same, in the coming year.

I know many that are reading this have also made big changes to the way you eat.  I’m so proud of you for this.  Keep up the great work.  Don’t stop.  And when you mess up and eat badly don’t despair.  Get back on the horse and continue to ride.  Today is a new day.  In fact, if you feel God is calling you to make changes to the way you eat and take care of yourself don’t wait until January 2 to start.  Start today.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!

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