Don’t Wait Until Jan 2!

By Ron PereiraAs 2016 comes to an end and 2017 comes into focus many new years resolutions will be formed.  Losing weight, getting into shape, or some other variation of improved wellness will, once again, be an extremely popular goal.  Gym memberships will spike and dieting will be all the rage… for about 12 days.  OK, maybe 15 days.

Now, I don’t normally like be negative but, sadly, research shows that around 92% of all new years resolutions end in failure.  Put another way, only 8% actually reach their goals.  So, sadly, the odds of you (and me) succeeding with any new years resolution are less than good.

Now, there are many theories on why the failure rate is so high and perhaps we’ll explore that topic in a future blog post.  But, today, I’d like to share the most important tactic I personally used to go from fat, lazy, and full of sin to the best physical and spiritual shape of my life.

And this tactic is simple.  Around a year ago, I made the decision to change my life – physically and spiritually – and started immediately.  I didn’t wait.

So, if you want to finally make a change you must start now.  As in today.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not January 2.  Now.  In fact, if you’re not willing to start now you can stop reading this article.  I can’t help you.

You see, when we say things like, “Yeah, I’m going to start that diet on January 2” or “I’m going to get back to the gym in the new year” you’re really just lying to yourself.  Sure, you may try that keto diet for a week or so and you may even hit the neighborhood globo gym a few times in January.  But, deep inside your soul you know you’ll quit.

So don’t wait.  Take control of the situation and start the moment you finish reading this article.  You see, when you take immediate action you’re subconsciously telling yourself you’re serious this time.

Now, if you’re wondering how to start… well, we’ve got your covered.  You can start with our 40 day Intentional Wellness plan by downloading the eBook below.

But if you’re not ready for that no worries.  Start by cleaning up your diet.  Run to your local grocery for lunch and pick up a salad instead of devouring that greasy burger and fries.  Then, tonight, go home and begin to clear out all the processed food from your pantry and replace it with real food.

We also cover some clean eating guidelines in the Intentional Wellness eBook but, really, it’s pretty simple.  Eat real food.  Shop on the outside of the grocery and avoid the middle (unless you need toilet paper… that’s important stuff).

Put another way… if it’s grown, or can spoil, it’s probably OK to eat.  But if you can leave it sit on your countertop for 10 days without it changing appearance or going bad… well, it’s probably poison.  Unless it’s rice.

Finally, from a fitness perspective, if you’re in no position for things like push-ups or air squats don’t despair.  Go for a 5 minute walk 3 times this week.  Then increase to 10 minutes next week.  You don’t need to go crazy.  Just start the process.  Today.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups (or walking)!

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  1. I started on 12/1/2016, thinking it was a good way to focus on Advent and get in better shape. I read Matt 18 yesterday and all of the Scripture was very familiar, but somehow it was deeper and more meaningful. I read it immediately after my workout and it was a great experience. I have never journaled (sp?) before and it really helps focus your thoughts. Thank-You for providing the program!

    Your Brother in Christ,


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