Catholic Brotherhood

Mike and I have written many articles related to our Exodus 90 journey.  I can, without question, state that our original 90 day Exodus was the most transformative time of my life.  It changed me.

After those original 90 days our group continued to meet on a weekly basis to follow-up with each other and to continue to sharpen our spiritual saws.  One of our brothers even moved to a different state which could have easily impacted our group.  It didn’t.  We simply conference call him in.

We continued with these weekly meeting for many months.  Then, recently, something interesting happened.  Sports!  Kids!  Several of us have kids that play sports.  In my case I recently had 5 kids playing different sports at the same time.  Needless to say this took a lot of time to orchestrate and, man, it put a serious beatdown on our weekly Exodus meetings.

In fact, we missed meeting for many weeks in a row.  We tried to connect, as best we could, over text and, sometimes in person.  But it wasn’t the same.

The good news is we finally met as a group this past weekend and it was great.  We were able to reconnect and catch each other up on what’s been going well and, most importantly, what we’ve been struggling with.

And while it’s obviously not appropriate to share what any of us have been struggling with one thing was obvious… none of us were at our very best.  We all voiced frustration with some aspects of our physical and spiritual lives.

Now, I am no spiritual guru… but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our struggles were strongly correlated to our lack of consistent meetings.  It’s so easy for mediocrity to sneak into your life when you lack the support, and accountability, from other like minded brothers.

Moving forward our Exodus group definitely plans to get back to our weekly meetings… and we’re planning to practice 100% of the Exodus 90 disciplines during the 22 days of Advent.

With all of this said, the point of this article isn’t to update you on our group’s situation.  Instead, it’s to encourage you to strengthen the brotherhood you have with others.  If you’ve done Exodus 90 with a group of men and don’t stay in touch with them I would strongly encourage you to re-engage with your group.

And, if you don’t have a group of holy men to associate with on a regular basis I cannot encourage you enough to find 2 to 3 other men and start Exodus 90 this week.  In fact, start today.  Don’t wait.  Don’t make excuses.  Don’t be weak.  Instead, be strong.  Be courageous.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!