Boredom. The people of our age suffer from boredom like no other culture in history. Being bored means that we get used to the people, places and things around us and we lose interest…and perspective.

We are bombarded with the latest technological gizmo that keeps our attention divided in a million directions, 24 hour news cycles and caffeine infused binges to ensure we don’t miss the next best show or post.

The results of our hyper consumption is pretty telling. Plenty of affluence, money and education paired with division, divorce and suicide. We seemingly have it all, but enjoy nothing.

When was the last time you remember an experience of awe? That profound sense that greatness is before you, an awareness that there are levels of depth to be discovered, a deep desire to rest in a place of reverence. For me I remember one of my first experiences of being in awe was watching my favorite sports star…Michael Jordan. His mastery of the game I loved was art to me. For many, it may have been the music you listened to growing up.

Many of us experience this amazement and awe when we find the “one” and fall in love. We often bump into a moment of awe when we encounter something amazing in nature.

The problem is that our wonder dissipates at such a high rate these days that we rarely recognize it when we see it. This happens with the amazing technological feats that we carry with us, the gorgeous canvasses that are just outside of our doorsteps and sadly our marriages and families.

This inhibited capacity to be amazed spills over to our reverence for God. We have become too used to Jesus. It is easy to reduce the Son of God to a plastic statue or air brushed figure with perfectly parted hair and soft hands. We are comfortable with Jesus but want to keep Him as our advisor not Our Lord.

When do we take a moment to consider the star breathing God who loves us so much that he sent his only son to rescue us? It’s time that we take the opportunity to be amazed.

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:11)