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    The word Vice to a police officer takes on a little different meaning than what most Christians think of.  Law enforcement dedicates personnel to suppressing criminal activity referred to as vice which includes prostitution, gambling, sex trafficking and often illegal … Continue reading

    The modern world has promised freedom and individuality, but a new type of man is being mass produced instead.  If you see your reflection in the image that will be portrayed in this article…then evaluate and change! The modern man is … Continue reading

    I’ve been experimenting with a few iPhone and computer hacks in order to reduce the amount of time I waste on these devices.  Here’s what I’ve done. Freedom.to For my computer I have installed a program called Freedom.to.  With this … Continue reading

    Many men began their Exodus journey this past Monday…by many I mean over 13,000!!  The Holy Spirit is certainly at work and I have no doubt that your Exodus journey’s will permanently leave a mark as it did for me and … Continue reading

    Everyone has been taught from the same playbook. We tend to do all of the same things and there should be no surprise that the outcomes end up in the same place.  American society values individualism, but the accumulated effect … Continue reading

    Cut to the Core officially ended on Christmas day. 50+ brothers united and, all combined, offered up the following for the healing and sanctification of the Catholic Church: 194 Holy Hours 931 Rosaries 991 Chapters of My Daily Bread 195 … Continue reading

    Frustrated. Irritable. Angry. This pretty much describes how I’ve been feeling about the state of the Catholic Church the last few months. I’ve also seen the same thing from many friends and family members. We’re faithful, strong, Catholics confused and … Continue reading

    “Strong people are harder to kill” – Mark Rippetoe Becoming hard to kill has become one of my favorite montras lately.  Immediately my mind jumps to the vision of a warrior.  A man among men, clad in armor, skills as … Continue reading

    As Catholics we believe that the Mass is the source and summit of our Faith.  It is in the Mass where we truly and substantially encounter the living God, Jesus Christ.  During such an encounter there is super abundant power; … Continue reading

    For the past 10 weeks I’ve been following a weight lifting program called Strong Lifts.  Now, when you first land on their website you’ll see phrases about getting ripped and gaining all sorts of muscle.  That’s all good stuff (and … Continue reading