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    I’ve recently discovered the importance of eating a carb heavy breakfast before intense aerobic based workouts.  These aerobic based workouts typically last between 20 and 40 minutes and without some relatively fast acting carbs I personally hit the wall of … Continue reading

    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet” – Gen James Mattis, USMC In the wake of the terrible tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas this week there are all sort of opinions out there … Continue reading

    As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am … Continue reading

    Boredom. The people of our age suffer from boredom like no other culture in history. Being bored means that we get used to the people, places and things around us and we lose interest…and perspective. We are bombarded with the … Continue reading

    By Ron PereiraMy Grandpa, Willard J. Price, recently passed away.  He was 99-years-old.  From what I’ve heard Grandpa enjoyed his dinner, went back to his room, took a few breaths and closed his eyes for the final time. The funeral … Continue reading

    The term functional is commonly used these days in fitness circles and even nutrition programs. The idea behind the movement is getting back to “normal” human movement patterns that we were made to do or eating foods that our bodies … Continue reading

    Two of my favorite authors on the subject of leadership, Simon Sinek and Jocko Willink, share a key principle in leading a team…whether it is your family, at church or at work. The principle is that there is no such thing as … Continue reading

    By Ron Pereira As I mentioned a few months ago I decided to join a local CrossFit box called CrossFit PAF.  BTW, if you live in the Keller, TX area you need to check this gym out! My main reason … Continue reading

    Abs are made in the kitchen. You are what you eat. These popular sayings are nice but they usually don’t inspire us to actually change the way we live our lives. Ron and I want to show you a path … Continue reading

    Our brother in Christ, Andy Hightower, recently shared this excellent video with us.  He thought it tied in nicely with the message we’re trying to spread.  We agree.  Enjoy! Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!

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