Best of 2016


With the first year of the Intentional Encounter project under our belt, Ron and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of 2016.  We began the year hoping to share our journey with others who could relate to the struggles and setbacks as well as the victories of becoming the men that we are made to be.  We hope to share with you our story and provide an incremental and intentional way of creating new habits, so that you can begin your journey towards freedom and an encounter with Christ.

We look forward to big things to come in 2017!

Here are the top 10 articles of 2016:


Ron shares an anxiety filled experience from his childhood titled “Throwing up on the Bus” which helped shape the way he looks to be charitable towards all…especially those suffering.


In this article, Mike shares how his son, Dominic, is an example for us all of how God designed our bodies to eat real food regardless of what difficulties we are dealt.

P90X My Redemption Story

Ron shares a common story of those who have tried to get in shape in the past but fall short.  This article shows practical ways to overcome these defeats and an insight into Ron’s wellness journey.

Ron conveys the great journey of Exodus 90 that he and I along with two other brother’s in Christ took in gaining freedom from the daily distractions of life in order to encounter Christ.

Wonderful reflection on a beach at sunset, with a cross on a mans back.

My lovely wife, Chasity, expresses in no uncertain terms, what women are looking for in an Intentional Encounter Man!

Ron discusses the reality of suffering that has come and is to come in his family and how he plans to mitigate these through an intentional wellness plan that all of us can follow.

Spiritual Combat

Mike discusses the importance of male friendship in fighting the most important battle…the one for heaven.

How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Ron discusses a practical approach to losing weight and consistency in our approach to keep it off.


Mike shares the benefits of adding combative training to your wellness plan to ultimately discover the inner warrior in you.

Rescue pic 3

Mike shares how each of us are called to participate in the saving mission of taking Christ’s world back. This can start by intentionally beginning our own personal wellness journey.