AMRAP Your Life

We’ve written about the AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) style workout before and explained why they can be so taxing – mentally and physically.  These workouts provide the total time of the workout (i.e. 20 minutes) but how much work you do in that time is entirely up to you.  This is what makes them so hard!

But what if there were a way to apply this “AMRAP mentality” to our lives?  I propose there is.

Identify Your Focus

The first step is to identify your focus areas.  These are your priorities.  For many of us some of these “big rocks” are likely our faith, our family, our work, and our physical well being.

These focus areas are especially important to identify since just everything else can be seen as a distraction (i.e. excessive use of media, etc.).

Work Hard 

Once you’ve identified these focus areas the next step is to work hard at them.  You’re probably like, “Great.  Thanks for the advice, Captain Obvious.”  But hear me out.

The beauty of the AMRAP workout is that you’re totally locked in, and focused, on a few movements for a specific amount of time.  We can, and should, have this same focus when we’re focused in on an important area of our life.

In other words, when your child is talking to you put your phone down and really listen to them.  Even better put your phone away where you can’t easily get to it.

And when you’re at work focus all of your attention on your work.  Stop surfing!

And, most importantly, when you’re focused on your spiritual life do your very best to lock in and give our Lord the time He deserves.

Reflect & Re-Evaluate

The final step is to constantly assess how things are going and decide if you need to switch gears or make some changes to the way you’re approaching things.  Focus areas may also change (i.e. new job, sick child, etc.) meaning you will need to remain flexible and adaptable.

But, once you’re clear on where you need to focus it’s time to repeat this AMRAP process to all aspects of our lives.

Until next time… be holy, eat clean, and do more push-ups!