Active Rest


Hopefully you all were able to enjoy a day with family and friends and set aside some time to account for the many blessings that you are thankful for. It’s important that we can take some time for leisure and a break from work, chores, and the millions of other responsibilities we are burdened with daily to feast with those we love in gratitude.

But what happens when the feast is over and your black Friday sales shopping spree is complete? Do we continue to feast through the weekend and risk losing the gains we’ve made in our wellness journey? In order that your intentional lifestyle doesn’t begin to unravel, I challenge you all to stay active over the weekend so that it will be easy for you to jump back into the healthy habits that you are working to form.

Our 40 day Wellness Plan consists of rest days that we refer to as “active rest”. Active rest certainly means to take a break from the push-ups and squats that you have become accustomed to trudging through. However, instead of totally taking your foot off the gas, Ron and I recommend that your rest days include moderate physical activity that is directed towards your family. For example, play a game of basketball or football with your kids or push the couch out of the way, turn some music up and ask your wife to dance.

So, over the holiday weekend take some prescribed “active rest” and find fun ways to interact with your family that will get your bodies moving. If you are having trouble thinking of something, try and see who can last the longest in a “death by push up” competition. Complete 1 push up in the 1st minute, 2 push-ups in the second minute and so on. When you can’t complete all of the reps (correctly) in the minute then you are out. The last man or woman standing is the push up champ.

Share with us what you decided to do, we’d love to know!

Be Strong. Be Holy.